Getting Enterprise Features to Your MongoDB Community Edition

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Getting Enterprise Features to Your MongoDB Community Edition

Read this article in order to learn more about how to get enterprise features to your MongoDB Community Edition.

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Many of us need MongoDB Enterprise Edition but might be short of resources or would like to compare the value.

I have summarized several key features of MongoDB Enterprise Edition and their alternatives:

  • MongoDB Cloud Manager: Performance monitoring ($500/yr/machine) => $1000-1500
  • Datadog/NewRelic => $120-$180/yr per machine, Datadog is better for this case
  • DYI using tools such as mongotop, mongostat, Mtools and integrate with grapha and others

Replication is recommended and is part of the community edition:

Replica set => min 3 nodes, at least 2 data nodes in 3 data centers (2 major DC and one small).

There are 3 major options (that can be combined of course):

  • fsync to MongoDB and physical backup:
    • Fast backup/restore
    • Might be inconsistent/unreliable
  • Logical backup: based on mongodump
    • Can be done w/ $2.5/GB using the cloud manager w/ Point in time recovery
    • Can be done w/ Percona hot backup
    • Incremental is supported
  • Have a delayed node

The first two may be done using a 3rd data node in hidden for backup (high frequency backup) that enable

  • Disk-based encryption => data at rest (can be done in AWS and several storage providers)
  • eCryptFS => Percona => data at Rest
  • Encryption based application by the programmers in the class level before saving to disk.

Using Percona edition is a good alternative that may close many of your enterprise needs.

It is well supported with MongoDB BI Connector in the enterprise edition but can be done also with:

  • Some BI tool supports MongoDB natively
  • 3rd party provider for JDBC connector: such as Simba and https://www.progress.com/jdbc/mongodb

Getting your MongoDB Community Edition to meet Enterprise requirements is not simple, but with the right effort, it can be done.

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