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Getting Started with Java EE 7 Developer Handbook

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Getting Started with Java EE 7 Developer Handbook

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I posted a video introduction for readers who are learning Java EE for the first time. This is useful for budding engineers who bought my recent book, Java EE 7 Developer Handbook, and want to understand how build the software using Git and Gradle.

Introduction to Java EE 7 Developer Handbook from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

In an earlier video, I only demonstrated salient parts of the Xentracker AngularJS application. As a bonus to IDEA 12 users, I now fully describe the procedure to construct an exploded WAR in IDEA as an project artifact and then deploy it to a managed GlassFish 4 container. The result is that you can code Java classes and change resources such images, CSS, HTML and JavaScript as then switch over to the browser. IDEA will automatically update the deployment on the fly without having to redeploy or restart the container. This is great for debugging dynamically and cuts down the length of engineering.



PS: I recorded the videocast in HD, so make sure you select that option in the Vimeo player!

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