Getting Started with Redis Store: Installation in Ubuntu

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Getting Started with Redis Store: Installation in Ubuntu

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  • "REDIS" is an open source data Storage.
  • The data is stored as "Key-Value" pair. It is also referred as Data Structure Server.
  • The features that Redis supports are :-
  1. Atomic Operation.
  2. Master Slave Replication.
  3. Publisher Subscriber.
  4. Transactions.
  • To know more about Redis use Link :-
  • In this Demo, "We will see installation of Redis in Ubuntu Operating System" .
  • Open the terminal and wget(download Redis) , then tar the file followed by a change the directory(cd),
  • Build the Redis by using "make" command.  the start of will look like,

  • End of make will look bellow,(full of colorful texts in console)

  • Than test the build by using "make test"will look like below,


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