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Getting Traffic to Your Blog Through Tweets

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Getting Traffic to Your Blog Through Tweets

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As far as resources to help you get more traffic through to your blog posts goes, there are few things that can help you more than Twitter, if you use it correctly. There are plenty of other articles out there about how to use Twitter effectively and build up a good following, so we won't go into that here, but once you do have an audience, the next part of the battle is getting the people who see your tweets about new blog entries to actually click on the links. It is also important to make it possible for other people outside of your followers to discover the tweets with your links, and to encourage people to retweet them. That is quite a lot to do in 140 characters, some of which will be the hyperlink itself, but it is possible when you know how!

Here are some tips for constructing good tweets for promoting your blog links:

Be Descriptive, But Tease the Reader

Unless your blog is pretty famous and your followers are all waiting for your next post with baited breath, regardless of what it might be about, you can't really get away with just saying 'New post on my blog' and then a link to it. Unless someone has a very keen interest in you and what you might have written (and for most of us that is just going to mean a few friends and maybe our mums), they aren't going to go and visit a link if they have no idea if it is about something that they care about or not. For this reason, a very concise description, or even the title of the post is much more effective.

It is even better if you can pique their curiosity by using a line that might tease the reader a little, for example 'Do you want to know what I think about (subject, written as a hashtag)?' or 'Our Top 5 (subject, written as a hashtag) – do you agree?'. Posing a question or suggesting that there is an interesting revelation in the post is far more likely to get people to go and check it out. Include hashtags wherever you can in the description to help people find your tweet without you having to waste characters adding a bunch of hashtags at the end.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Retweets

Retweets are how information gets shared on Twitter beyond your own network of people, so never be afraid to ask for them. Simply putting 'Please RT' in your tweet with your description and link can suffice, but also, if there is a particular person you want to help you spread your message, don't be scared to tweet at them personally and ask them.

Using these principles when you write your tweets will make them far more effective at persuading readers to come in, and don't be afraid to send the same tweet out a few times at different times of the day to get more people looking at it, though make sure you send some other tweets in between so your timeline doesn't look spammy!

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