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Getting work done in the enterprise: there’s more to collaboration than social + file sharing

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Getting work done in the enterprise: there’s more to collaboration than social + file sharing

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Collaboration is big news. There are hundreds of tools on the market that aid and simplify particular elements of business collaboration, from enterprise social networks, task management tools, and file sharing platforms. These tools help to augment and improve the way people work.

Integrated solutions that combine all of the functions of collaboration together in one place bring people together, link work to wider business goals, and improve efficiency by tying productivity, data and communications into one space.

HighQ’s COO Stuart Barr and Constellation Research’s Principal Analyst Alan Lepofsky teamed up to deliver a webinar demonstrating how integrated collaboration software enables businesses to get work done more productively.

The webinar runs through the evolution of collaboration software and the important factors to consider in the context of your own business processes.

First of all, it’s important to define what exactly enterprise collaboration software is. Alan defines it as this:

“Enterprise collaboration software enables people to create, discover and interact with the content, colleagues and communities that can help them get their jobs done” – Alan Lepofsky

Alan explains that in recent years, the collaboration toolset has grown to include a multitude of media, including emails, texting, file sharing, blogs, enterprise social networks and so on. However, neither has replaced the other but instead each have augmented the way we work and each medium performs a different function within various business processes.

This is why it is important to use a platform that integrates these tools together with traditional business tools such as content and customer management systems, file sharing and task and project management in a way that makes it easy for people to focus on getting their work done.

Stuart’s sections of the webinar demonstrate how secure integrated social networking, social task management and purposeful data collaboration can be achieved in the context of one integrated platform, HighQ Collaborate.

Click here to watch a full recording of the webinar.

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