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Ghost: A Straightforward, Customizable and Responsive New Blogging Platform

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Last week, the highly-anticipated Ghost blogging platform was released to the public. Ghost was a well-funded Kickstarter project and is now available as a blogging platform (built entirely in JavaScript) intended to be user-friendly and streamlined - focused on blogging, as opposed to content management - in a way that others are not. Some have suggested that it may be a likely candidate to fill the blogging shoes that WordPress seems to only partly fill. There are a few interesting features in Ghost:

  • Real-time preview of your writing and layout as you type
  • A customizable dashboard that you can fill with widgets for statistics and so on
  • Responsive design for all functionality

As well as the usual features, like customizable themes. There is a lot of potential here, I think, for bloggers who want to publish content quickly and easily without having to learn a complicated system or worry about a lot of extraneous features. The system seems pretty flexible for people looking to do more with it, but the core focus is on blogging, which WordPress, for example, has drifted away from.

For some more insight on project, listen to the interview creator John O'Nolan did with The Changelog back in September, and if you're looking for a straightforward blogging platform to get your posts out there, check it out.

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