A Very GIFtastic Thanksgiving

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A Very GIFtastic Thanksgiving

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we prepare to enjoy a brief holiday here in the U.S. (don't worry, you'll still be able to get lots of great developer content here at DZone!). To celebrate, we've got 13 tips and tricks for surviving this holiday in GIFtastic form! Enjoy :)

1) Watch out for crazy turkeys

2) Do your best to keep the peace between family members (at all costs)

3) Avoid questionable "food"

4) Eat as much turkey as you can, as fast as possible

5) Beware of exploding turkeys (and leather-clad metal heads doing hip thrusts)

6) Don't do anything to associate yourself with Miley Cyrus, like twerking

7) Did I mention keeping an eye out for crazy turkeys?

8) Seriously, nothing to associate yourself with Miley Cyrus

9) If the turkey smiles at you, it's probably best to run!

10) Don't drink too much

11) Make sure you can still fit through doors after dinner (yes, this still counts)

12) Beware of friends pulling pranks with turkeys

13) Oh, and a preemptive apology to Lions fans...

Happy Thanksgiving!


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