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Git Questions – How and When Do I Merge or Rebase? [Video]

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Git Questions – How and When Do I Merge or Rebase? [Video]

Knowing when to merge or rebase your code in Git is an important part of using Git. So when do you do it, and do you merge OR rebase? Read on for some insight.

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Ever since Gary and I started the Git Questions video series, we’ve been asked to talk about merging. We’re also frequently asked about rebasing – what is it, and when should I do it?

In this week’s video, we take a look at how to use IntelliJ IDEA to merge a branch back into the “main” development branch. We also talk about rebasing – not only showing how to do it in the IDE, but what it means and when you should do it.

We don’t show how to deal with merge conflicts in this video, but they are discussed, and a more complete conflict-resolution video is definitely high on the TODO list.

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