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GitHub Commit Storytelling: Now or Later

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When you are making GitHub commits you have to provide a story that explains the changes you are committing to a repository. Many of us just post 'blah blah’, ‘what I said last time", or any other garbage that just gets us through the moment. You know you’ve all done it at some point.

This is a test, of your ability to tell a story, for the future, to be heard by your future self, or someone else entirely. While in the moment it may seem redundant and worthless, but when you think of the future and how this will look when it is being read by a future employer, or someone that is trying to interpret your work, things will be much different. #nopressure

In the world of Github, especially when your repositories are public, each commit is a test of your storytelling ability and how well you can explain this moment for future generations. How will you do on the test? I would say that I'm C grade, and this post is just a reminder for me.



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