GitHub Enterprise and Bluemix: a Foundation for Your DevOps Toolchain

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GitHub Enterprise and Bluemix: a Foundation for Your DevOps Toolchain

Recently, IBM announced a new option—a fully managed, cloud-hosted version of GitHub Enterprise, running on IBM Bluemix Dedicated. Read on for more info.

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Digital disruption is also driving associated cultural changes in the way software is delivered. The DevOps processes and technologies require a shift in mindset away from isolated development teams and rigid silos toward collaborative best practices. Successful DevOps organizations embracing a number of new technologies, for example, GitHub.

Developers Love GitHub….

For developers today, GitHub is ubiquitous. As a public web service, it’s the largest host of source code in the world, with more than 15 million users and more than 34 million repositories. For larger organizations with more stringent security needs, GitHub Enterprise (GHE) is the on-premises version of GitHub, and it’s the most popular collaborative social coding platform for organizations who need to maintain complete control over their source code repositories and projects.

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...But Managing the Infrastructure Is Resource Intensive.

When it comes to hosting GitHub Enterprise today, there are typically two options. Organizations can either bring it in-house and host it behind their firewall, or they can choose to run it as an instance hosted in the cloud. Regardless of the option chosen, the organization’s IT department is responsible for planning and provisioning the required infrastructure, acquiring the expertise, and allocating the budget needed to manage the platform.  These requirements can add significant burdens on IT staff as they must configure and maintain security policies, ensure availability, provide backups, and create and maintain required integrations with third-party and open source tools critical to the end-to-end DevOps lifecycle.

GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix is Now Available!

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Recently, IBM announced a new option—a fully managed, cloud-hosted version of GitHub Enterprise, running on IBM Bluemix Dedicated. Enterprise developers can now learn, code and work with GitHub’s collaborative development tools inside their own dedicated, hosted environment with robust security capabilities, managed for their organization. With GitHub Enterprise running on Bluemix, development organizations never have to worry about the overhead costs of building and managing infrastructure. To see more on the benefits of GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, check out the video. Bluemix manages:

  • Infrastructure provisioning & scaling
  • Health Monitoring & Fail-over set-up to reduce downtime
  • Upgrades to work with latest version
  • Security Monitoring & Activity Logging
  • Automated Back-ups

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Choosing the Right Development Platform Matters

As enterprises go through a DevOps transformation, they look for a development platform that can foster not only broad collaboration across the organization, but automation as well. As a result, choosing the right platform that speeds innovation and streamlines communications across global teams in a secure, scalable and compliant manner is critical. Now, GitHub Enterprise provided as a managed service provides the level of security and choice that organizations are looking for, but paired with Bluemix, development teams get access to a broad portfolio of DevOps tools–including ones that facilitate modern architecture and delivery practices around mobile, microservices, and continuous delivery—plus access to more than 150 APIs and services for cognitive and IoT app development, as well as new sources of data. The Bluemix platform has layered security controls across network and infrastructure and provides you with the option to provide a consistent development experience across public, dedicated, and on-premises server environments.  

Learn More

To learn more about GitHub Enterprise on IBM Bluemix, click here to register for the webinar on Aug. 4, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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