GitLab Benefits From the Microsoft/GitHub Acquisition

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GitLab Benefits From the Microsoft/GitHub Acquisition

GitLab seems to be the unexpected beneficiary of the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub and is doing more for new customers to secure their business.

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In theory, when one company acquires another, the benefits from the merger are seen in either the acquirer or the company being acquired ... or both. In the case of Microsoft acquiring GitHub, the company that seems to be benefitting the most is GitLab - one of the GitHub's largest competitors.

Social media exploded with the news that GitHub would become part of the Microsoft suite of products on Monday. Shortly thereafter, the #movingtogitlab hashtag started gaining momentum across Twitter. The unified response from the community is set on letting GitHub and Microsoft know they are not happy with the arrangement ... and they are taking their source code elsewhere, immediately. That new destination is GitLab.

By the Numbers

On the day the acquisition became public, GitLab started seeing 10x the normal daily amount of repositories being imported.

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In talking with my sources at GitLab, they have already witnessed a 7x increase in orders. For a majority of the day, 14,300 unique visitors were visiting the site per minute. By the end of the day, GitLab was the proud host of 100,000+ new repositories.

GitLab Sweetens the Pot

In order to attract new customers, GitLab has promised new users a 75% discount on GitLab's top-tier plans. To qualify, you have to

  1. Be an actual new user

  2. Create a tweet including the #movingtogitlab hashtag by the end of the day on June 6th

  3. Email a copy of your tweet

  4. Receive a discount code

  5. Place your order by the end of June.

That discount and the reality that moving to GitLab is basically a two-click process makes moving to GitLab an attractive offer - especially when considering the number of enhancements that continue to be introduced on a quarterly basis.

But Wait, There's More

In the spirit of informercials, GitLab continues to offer value to a large base of their customers. In addition to everything noted above, GitLab announced that their Ultimate and Gold are now free for educational institutions and open source projects. To clarify:

  • Educational institutions: any institution whose purposes directly relate to learning, teaching, and/or training by a qualified educational institution, faculty, or student. Educational purposes do not include commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes. To apply, send an email to education@gitlab.com. Once your application has been approved, we will send your license code.

  • Open source projects: any project that uses a standard open source license and is non-commercial. It should not have paid support or paid contributors. To apply to send a merge request to add your project to a list of open source projects using GitLab Ultimate and Gold.


The public reaction from the GitHub/Microsoft acquisition is likely not something either expected when terms were being negotiated. While I don't expect a complete exodus from GitHub (especially those repos focused on Microsoft-based technologies), I certainly recommend considering GitLab on any short list of products to consider for repository-based services.

Have a really great day!

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