Give me 10 Cappuccinos and I'll turn you into a 10x Software Developer

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Give me 10 Cappuccinos and I'll turn you into a 10x Software Developer

The keyboard shortcut to becoming a better software developer

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The difference between a junior and a senior software developer is 90% their toolset. A senior will choose better tools, because of his experience, and as a result, he or she will deliver better results. This is why most senior software developers have an arsenal of libraries, frameworks, and tools, he or she is using - Because the senior will do anything possible to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Honorable mentions here can be found below.

  • Entity Framework for .Net Core
  • Refit for .Net Core
  • Angular
  • React
  • Etc, etc, etc ...

But also commercial tools such as SonarCube and Bugsnag can be listed here.

In the video below I demonstrate one such tool I have created myself, which is called Magic. In addition to allowing you to create a complete CRUD app wrapping your database, by simply clicking a button - Magic also allows you to schedule your C# methods, and gives your app superior logging capabilities, in addition to simply solving auth. This implies that 90% of my job is already done as I start out new projects. Need authorisation? Click the button. Translations? Been there, done that! Need CRUD? Click the button. Need a task scheduler? Click the button. In fact, 90% of my job is done once that button has been clicked. That's a pretty might button one might say ...

The smart system developer knows when to not implement something. Inferior developers will use inferior tools, and (God forbid) sometimes even try to implement things themselves - And as a result, he or she will deliver inferior products. 80% of what I do in my job as an enterprise software developer is basic CRUD. That's literally a button in Magic. Clicking the first button creates my backend. Clicking the second button creates an Angular frontend for me. Of course, it doesn't create a finished product for me, but starting out with 20K lines of code, out of which maybe 10% needs to be modified, gives me an edge - Simply because it was code I didn't need to create myself. In a way, you could argue that the best traits of the greatest system developers is laziness.

Don't do that which you don't have to do.

But I have a feeling that the most important feature I have implemented in this release, is a reduction in its license costs to the point where you'll get Magic for the price of a handful of Cappuccinos today ...

For the record, I really love Cappuccino ;)

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