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Gizmox Releases Updated Version of Visual WebGui .NET HTML5 and Enterprise Mobile

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Gizmox Releases Updated Version of Visual WebGui .NET HTML5 and Enterprise Mobile

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Tel Aviv, Israel, July, 2012: Gizmox (http://www.visualwebgui.com), the leading provider of tools and services to extend enterprise data-driven desktop applications to secured-by-design HTML5 web, cloud and mobile, released today an updated preview version of its Visual WebGui .NET HTML5 and Enterprise Mobile development platform.  Following the initial preview version released earlier this year, this update consolidates Gizmox’s HTML5 and Enterprise Mobile frameworks into a single environment where the developer can build HTML5 front-ends, using classic .NET from within Visual Studio, for either the desktop web applications or for cross-platform mobile devices, across any operating system and browsers.

Visual WebGui’s unique approach is extended to HTML5 and Mobile as it does not hold any data on the device, and the client is responsible only for rendering the UI and capturing user inputs. The server runs the entire application code, and all the data processing is carried by it. This secured-by-design architecture meets one of the biggest concerns of enterprises, which are exploring the possibility of allowing customers and personnel to access their enterprise data-centric applications using their devices of choice (BYOD). Furthermore, the HTML5 nature of the framework supports the concept of develop once, deploy many.
The major new capabilities and features of the new version:

Full support for the development of both HTML5 desktop and mobile application, allowing the creation of desktop, web and mobile applications from the same code base.

  • Automatic selection of rendering mechanism by the browser, according to the best browser compatibility (IE, for example, renders faster with XSLT, Chrome with jQuery, and so on).
  • Lighter HTML structure that improves performance and reduces rendering time.
  • Fully HTML5 compatible document type (does not require Quirks mode in IE).
  • Maximizing browser capabilities, by automatically identifying the support each browser has for HTML5 and CSS3 different capabilities.
  • Full support of CSS3 Visual Effects - adding to controls or application themes a variety of visual effects, such as gradients, transitions, rotations, shadows, animations, and more.
  • New Web 2.0 layout controls - StackPanel and stacked controls.
  • 2 out-of-the-box sample mobile themes.
  • Built-in native-like scrolls (iScrolls) for browsers without visible scroll bars.
  • Set of offline APIs to run on the client (.NET programming for client-side JavaScript)
    • Optimize the balance between client and server responsibilities by moving activities to the client.
    • Provide offline capabilities as a fallback for periodically connectivity losses.

To download the new version, go to www.visualwebgui.com/download.aspx
To see a Live Demo from your Mobile Device, please click here


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