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What Would You Add to Eclipse 4.0?

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What Would You Add to Eclipse 4.0?

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Eclipse 4.0 was covered last Wednesday at an interesting presentation during EclipseCon. The core principles behind Eclipse 4.0 will be web enablement, and decreasing complexity.  However, it will be a lot more than just bringing RCP to the web, which the RAP project already does to a certain degree.

There was a debate on the eclipse newsgroups on the leadup to EclipseCon concerning e4, starting with this message. Jeff McAffer provided us with a last word on e4 in his post entitled Reset Required. Here, Jeff points out something very important:

"So the proposal is the real beginning of collaboration, community building and the work"

It's not due for another 2 years, and it's not a proper project just yet. As Mike Milinkovich said "it is theoretical at this point".  But already people are getting quite excited about it, and rightly so. It's the chance to change how desktop applications are perceived. If you've been on the sidelines watching the evolution of Eclipse and feel like adding to it, it's a good time to start committing code and getting involved in the Eclipse community.

If you had the chance to have your say, what would you add to Eclipse for the next major release? With the project still so early in it's incubation phase, now might be the time to shape the future.


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