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Google’s statically typed Go programming language will soon be available as an experimental feature for website and app developers on the Google App Engine cloud platform. This makes Go the third language supported by Google App Engine after Python and Java.

The Google Code announcement blog post listed an interesting performance note: apps written in Go running on Google App Engine will be compiled and execute natively, which will help boost response speed on sites where the highest performance matters.

Developers looking to get in on the sneak peak can sign their app up for approval.

I’ve been secretly interested in Go for a while but have been focusing on getting Quoats, my Java Google App Engine app, up and out the door first. Once the Go language launches in full force (after the trial period is over) I’ll give it a go (see what I did there?)

How do you Google App Engine developers feel about this new addition to the Google App Engine language lineup?

From http://rocky.developerblogs.com/news/go-google-app-engine-go/


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