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GoGrid Gets Objectivity/DB

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GoGrid Gets Objectivity/DB

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GoGrid's Technology Partner program just added another tool to the database management toolbox.  Objectivity/DB, a fully distributed and federated database platform, is now up and running on GoGrid.  For GoGrid's customers, this will mean more benefits in areas such as distributed architecture and virtualization with low maintenance.

Objectivity/DB is Level 6 certified in IBM's Grid Readiness model.  It supports full multi-threading in the client application and provides lock and data servers that can be placed on nodes in a grid (In this case, GoGrid). Applications managed under a grid scheduler can be started anywhere on the grid.  The applications will then find and use the correct servers transparently.  Objectivity/DB stores it's object methods in the client, not in the database.  An independent comparison with O2, Objectstore, and Versant show that Objectivity/DB is the only database that supports all of these standards:

  • ODL
  • OQL
  • ODMG C++ binding
  • ODMG Smalltalk binding
  • Standard SQL in interactive mode
  • Standard SQL in embedded mode

Objectivity/DB supports development in C++, C#, Java, Python, Smalltalk, SQL++, and XML.  It can run on Windows, Linux, or Solaris.  Objectivity/DB is said to be a "perfect fit" for distributed and cloud computing platforms, like GoGrid.

The marriage of Objectivity/DB and GoGrid allows users to develop and deploy applications using the using the newly added database and either of the two Linux-based Cloud Server Images that GoGrid provides.  The images are based on the CentOS 5.2 operating system, a binary-compatible version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Objectivity offers free open source Objectivity/DB sample applications for data fusion, network management, and parallel processing to users who register on their download site.  Registration is required to obtain the license for Objectivity/DB usage in any desktop, networked, or distributed environment.

The GoGrid is an IaaS provider that offers a bunch of server configuration and account options.  Their platform allows users to create, deploy, and control free f5 load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control.  GoGrid has a 100% uptime SLA, with scalable storage and other security an elasticity options.  

GoGrid also has a community center, The GoGrid Exchange, where users can read and rate the various Partner GoGrid Server Images.  The Exchange aims to help companies reduce time to market and improve offerings with various PartnerGSIs

Objectivity/DB offers a free 60-day trial.

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