Going On Vacation? How About A Digital Detox?

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Going On Vacation? How About A Digital Detox?

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Two weeks ago I took some time off from work. I was not on vacation. In fact, it was one of the hardest weeks of work of my whole life.

We settled on a new house and it needs some pretty major renovations before my family can move in. And we are in temporary housing until the work is complete. Me, my wife and 4 lovely but very active and energetic kids are living in a 1000-square foot apartment. (Help!) So, I am very motivated.

I worked from morning until night: painting, scraping, caulking, taping, tiling and more. I was so engrossed in all this, that I took almost the whole week off from checking in. I scanned my email for messages from the boss, the boss’ boss, or any other emergencies.

pink ladyBut mostly I left my email alone. I didn’t post much on Facebook except this one picture of a pink room I painted for my daughter (at midnight!) Twitter was pretty much on auto-pilot too as I was only sending out tweets of old posts.

Something surprising happened: NOTHING.

The world didn’t stop. The 1,560 emails mostly resolved themselves. None of my normal Twitter pals became upset with my lack of interactivity. Only my brother commented that he missed my regular Facebook posts on some of the funny stuff my kids do.

I have written some similar articles here on my blog before. Almost 3 years ago I wrote about how life is too short to be complacent. I wrote about the social media hangover effect I had from live-tweeting one of our events. I compared a sleazy car salesmen to marketing when I was buying a new car 2 years ago. I welcomed my (now 20-month-old) newborn son into a social world. And I talked about how “Hurricane Sandy” caused me to reflect on how to get some perspective and balance in our lives.

None of these articles did particularly well from a traffic or social engagement perspective. But hopefully they help to round out what is normally a very practical blog site on B2B Marketing. And maybe they get you to think about your doing your own online / social media / digital vacation.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. And if you plan to take an online vacation, here is a 9-point digital detox from Barantunde Thurston on Fast Company.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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