Golgi Launches Programmable Device Cloud Platform

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Golgi Launches Programmable Device Cloud Platform

Golgi's new platform features the creation of open, flexible APIs that securely expose IoT device features and functionalities to the web for easy and simple integration with 3rd party cloud services.

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Today, I am excited to announce the launch of Golgi’s Programmable Device Cloud Platform. The new platform features the creation of open, flexible APIs and connectors that securely expose Internet of Things (IoT) device features and functionalities to the web for easy programmability and simple integration with any 3rd party cloud service. Golgi’s unique platform reduces IoT development time, complexity and increases performance, reliability and scalability.


Design, Build, and Connect

Golgi’s Programmable Device Cloud spans from the device to the cloud, generates code for devices and hardware platforms and provides testing and debugging environments.

Developers are now able to:

  • immediately create APIs for free with the push of a button

  • create custom API connectors for any desired web service available

  • not worry about moving data from point to point

  • reduce time-to-market for their IoT solutions

  • connect with API platforms or one of the many API ecosystems, such as to Analytics (Initial State), SMS (Twilio) or Push Notifications (Pusher) for example

“As the IoT market evolves into ecosystems, embedded devices will need to interact with web APIs in order to manage devices, collect data, change outcomes, and build custom applications all easily configurable and programmable,” said Brian Kelly, CTO and co-founder of Golgi. “Our new platform brings the power of developer-defined APIs to embedded device developers, enabling them to build IoT devices that can utilize web applications and focus on delivering cogent data to decision makers.”

Golgi was generated out of the Innovation Labs of Openmind Networks, a market leader in messaging for mobile and interconnect carriers that executes over one billion transactions every day. Leveraging its 13 year history and telco-grade infrastructure, Golgi is able to support IoT developers from proof of concept to large scale deployments. The vendor provides enterprise-level security using SSL encryption and other means to conceal data from unauthorized parties while maintaining compatibility with security packages to ensure connectivity to back end sales on a large scale.

Golgi supports modules and platforms such as Arduino, Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison, Samsung ARTIK, MediaTek Linkit™ and GainSpan.

Read more about Golgi’s launch and get started with Golgi today!

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