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In Wake Of New GAE App Engine Pricing Model, Some Developers Are Outraged

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In Wake Of New GAE App Engine Pricing Model, Some Developers Are Outraged

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 At the I/O Conference last week, it was announced that Google App Engine will finish its long Beta period later this year to become an official Google product. As a result, Google will be reconfiguring their App Engine pricing system to bring in sustainable revenue.

The change will bring a focus towards usage-based pricing, and per-user, per-app pricing will be placed on hold until further notice.  This news was not well recieved by many in the Google App Engine Group who have been enjoying the free features of the project.  Responses ranged from utter betrayal to relative acceptance.

 "Holy sh-t Google, say it ain't so. If this is how I think it is, I'll
never dev on a Google platform again."


"This has the potential become a breach of trust that will never be 
forgotten/forgiven by the developer community.  There are lots of man-
years devoted to the platform, based on trust and belief that the 
essential value proposition will not suddenly change (by an order of 
magnitude!!). One action can indelibly destroy trust. Think about that. "

About half of the comments were highly negative, but there were there were also more tempered responses. 

"I reckon that this is Google's attempt to streamline their
business package (which they are doing away with) by saying that anyone that
needs higher level services will pay a per-app or per-account cost.  In that
light, it becomes more palatable (as it simplifies the offering), and I for
one am okay with that."


"Google has been pretty fair and upfront with app engine - I haven't had
a reason to distrust them yet. I'm hoping that their promotion of AppEngine
from Preview will still maintain this fairness."

Google App Engine's Senior Product Manager Greg D'Alesandre was present at the start of the discussion, answering the less emotional queries regarding the specifics of the change. With rumors floating around involving prices increasing up to 70 times what they were, he told the community Google would address the issues being raised.

I'm working on an FAQ that should help answer many of the questions we've
heard.  To be clear, prices will be higher, but I've seen people quoting number such
as 70x higher which should not be the case.  Once we have the changes to the
scheduler done as well as the comparative bills, you'll then be able to see
how much it will actually cost.  We could've waited until that point to talk
about this but we wanted to give as much advance notice as possible.

You can't please everyone, I suppose.

What are your thoughts about Google's changes to the App Engine pricing system? 

How does the change affect you? Is it reasonable or ridiculous?

Click here for details on the new pricing model.

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