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Google Chrome: "JavaScript Forever!"

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It seems like every possible blogger wrote something about Google Chrome, so why should I be different? I'm looking at it from the developer perspective. I mean, the technical side, the process separation and JavaScript engine, is really what's interesting here. UI wise, it looks a lot like a bunch of features form other browsers, which is surprising considered Google stated it is trying to do "something else". It is possible to do "something else": check out the latest videos from Mozilla labs for some examples.

Google wants your JavaScript web applications to run fast, stable and secure and to feel much like desktop applications. You achieve that by downloading a different runtime engine (you can call it browser, but that name is totally obsolete). That sounds like the next generation RIA technologies: Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash/Air and Sun's JavaFX. Google are sending a clear message: "we have a lot riding on JavaScript and we're not looking for a replacement anytime soon". 

The main differentiator between JavaScript and other RIA technologies will be reduced to the visual complexity. Google are separating themselves from the herd by sticking with the clear and functional design approach. IMHO, it is a matter of personal preference. However, I will not be surprised to find future GWT releases providing more visual enhancements out of the box. GWT can walk hand in hand with Chrome and we might expect future releases of GWT to be "Chrome optimized".

Silverlight/AIR/JavaFX can coexist with Chrome/JavaScript, but they have to be justified. This justification just became that much harder.

From http://blog.zvikico.com/

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