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Google Cloud Next Recap

Take a look at this conference recap from Google Cloud Next that hightlights announcement about Knative, Cloud Build, and more.

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Several interesting announcements from last week's Google Next conference.

Knative, a new OSS project built by Google, Red Hat, IBM, and others to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads on Kubernetes. Built upon Istio, with 1.0 coming soon and managed Istio on GCP. It includes a build primitive to manage source-to-Kubernetes flows, that can be used independently. Maybe it is the new standard to define sources and builds in Kubernetes. Read more from Mark Chmarny.

GKE on-premise, a Google-configured version of Kubernetes with multi-cluster management, running on top of VMware's vSphere.

Another Kubernetes-related mention was the gVisor pod sandbox, with experimental support for Kubernetes, to allow running sandboxed containers in a Kubernetes cluster, a very interesting development for multi-tenant clusters and Docker image builds.

Cloud Functions are now Generally Available, and more serverless features are launched:

"Serverless containers allow you to run container-based workloads in a fully managed environment and still only pay for what you use. Sign up for an early preview of serverless containers on Cloud Functions to run your own containerized functions on GCP with all the benefits of serverless.

A new GKE serverless add-on lets you run serverless workloads on Kubernetes Engine with a one-step deploy. You can go from source to containers instantaneously, auto-scale your stateless container-based workloads, and even scale down to zero."

Cloud Build, a fully-managed CI/CD platform that lets you build and test applications in the cloud. With an interesting approach to where all the pipeline steps are containers themselves so it is reasonably easy to extend. It integrates with GitHub for repos with a Dockerfile (let's see if it lasts long after Microsoft acquisition).

Other interesting announcements include:

  • Edge TPU, a tiny ASIC chip designed to run TensorFlow Lite ML models at the edge.
  • Shielded VMs, untampered virtual machines
  • Titan Security Key, a FIDO security key with firmware developed by Google. Google security was giving away both NFC and Bluetooth keys, a good replacement for the YubiKeys, especially for mobile devices.
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