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The Google Cloud Print Platform Matures

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The Google Cloud Print Platform Matures

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Google just launched a new informational site about Google Cloud Print. The new site showcases the print anything, anywhere vision of Google Cloud Print for individuals, business, enterprise and developers.

Google outlines how convenient cloud printing is as well as the security and new sharing aspects, letting people know the platform is ready for a business environment, not just for home printing.

The new site appears to also be an effort to support the new line of Google Chromebooks that they launched this summer. Google Chromebook is a completely cloud based operating system in which Google Cloud print is definitely a large part of that migration of our desktops into the cloud.

The new Google Cloud Print site showcases a wide rane of application avaliable for the platform:

    • Chrome Browser - You can print any of the open tabs on your Chromebook to Google Cloud Print by hitting Ctrl + P or “Print” from the wrench menu.
    • Google Docs - The Google Docs application on Android allows you to print documents, spreadsheets, and other Docs files through Google Cloud Print.
    • Cloud Print BETA - Cloud Print is an Android application that allows you to print files off of your Android device, including emails and attachments, text messages, contacts, web pages, documents, and more.
    • PrinterShare™ Mobile Print - Mobile Print is an Android application that supports several forms of printing, including Google Cloud Print. It can print pictures, web pages, calendar events, contacts, text messages, emails, Google Docs, and other files.
    • Cloud Printer - Cloud Printer is an add-on to the Mozilla Firefox mobile browser. If you use Firefox on your mobile phone, Cloud Printer allows you to print web pages as you surf.
    • Easy Print - Easy Print is an Android application that allows you to manage your printers and print jobs, and print documents and emails.

  • PrintCentral Pro - PrintCentral Pro is an iOS application that allows you to print to a number of services, including Google Cloud Print. PrintCentral Pro allows you to print emails and attachments, contacts, web pages, text messages, and more.
  • Google Cloud Print extension - The Google Cloud Print extension allows you to print documents directly from the Chrome browser. Just navigate to a PDF, Microsoft Word, text (.txt), or JPEG file, or a Google Docs document, and a small printer icon will appear in your browser’s address bar, allowing you to print.
  • Cloud Print Lite 1.0 - Cloud Print Lite 1.0 allows you to print from any application on your Mac (Leopard and up), through the regular Mac print menu.
  • Cloud Print Lite online

These are just a few of the applications that Google has built or endorsing that use the Google Cloud Print Services Interface. Although Google Cloud Print will support many legacy printers, for the best functionality you need a web-enabled printer, which is an area being dominated by HP. All of HP news personal, small business and enterprise printers allow for printing using the Google Cloud Print interface.

There aren’t any Mimeo web to print applications listed that use Google Cloud Print. Manufacturers and developers have been focusing on basic home and office implementations of Google Cloud Print, and only more recently started targeted businesses and enterprise. We will see more commercial web to print implementations that use Google Cloud Print this year.

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