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Google Compute Quickstart: Creating an Instance and Installing Apache

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Google Compute Quickstart: Creating an Instance and Installing Apache

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I've been poking around the Google Developers site lately while doing some groundwork for DZone's upcoming Guide to Developer Programs, and I'm always somewhat shocked at the level of documentation that Google provides for their developers. It's just an endlessly useful resource for many developers, so it's worth pointing out some of the interesting product resources they've provided. I was particularly interested in the Google Compute Engine resource page, and a useful quickstart tutorial they provide there for creating a instance and installing an Apache web server.

This quickstart tutorial is pretty basic first steps but it's a necessary starting point:

  1. Start a virtual machine

    To start, you will create a virtual machine instance with a machine type, an image, and a root persistent disk.

  2. Configure a firewall to allow traffic to and from the Internet

    In step 2 of this exercise, you will create a firewall rule to allow external traffic to and from the Internet.

  3. Install an Apache server to serve web pages

    Next, you will ssh into your virtual machine and install the Apache web server.

  4. Lastly and optionally, we'll discuss how to delete your resources after you're done with them.

The actual tutorial goes into much more depth than the summary above. Go ahead and read it to get the full scoop. There's also a full video of the tutorial that will walk you through the instructions.

If you're aware of any other interesting tutorials I might be overlooking, please point them out to me.

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