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Google I/O 2013 App Source Code Now Available

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Google I/O 2013 App Source Code Now Available

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Google has released the source code for the Google I/O app. For years, this has been the best example app around and this year it is no exception. The app UI demonstrates tons of different responsive UI approaches and the rest of the app is packed with examples how to use different Google APIs.

I've always found the Google I/O app to be a better example than any API examples because it was built to be used in real-life scenarios and tested under heavy load of geek users with a multitude of devices. So this app works in real life.

You can still download the app from Google Play to try it out.

Here's a list of things the app demonstrates according to Android Developer's post on Google+

• Implementing responsive design with fragments and alternative resources to support phones and tablets
• Using content providers and implicit intents to navigate the app
• Using sync adapters and GCM to keep content fresh across devices in a battery-friendly way
• Integrating Google+ for sign-in, public stream participation, and as a share target
• Integrating Google Play services to include Google Maps (with custom tiles, markers, and info windows) and +1 buttons
• Integrating the YouTube Android Player API to view live streams and recorded session videos, along with 'second-screen' presentation API support
• Exposing multiple entry points to the app with home screen and lockscreen widgets and expandable notifications

Read the full  Android Developers post in Google+ for more details.

Or download the source code from here:  https://code.google.com/p/iosched/

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