Google I/O 2016 Extended: Takeaways

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Google I/O 2016 Extended: Takeaways

Check out Irena Shaigorodsky's takeaways from this year's Google I/O 2016. We've got everything covered from Google Assistant to Firebase Analytics.

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This year I attended Google I/O Extended event in Cambridge, MA. Watching streamed sessions mixed with the live content about local products got me really excited and thinking what can I use on my next project(s).

Here is the list of my 10 takeaways:

  1. Cardboard (virtual reality) is going mainstream. Specs for headsets and Android devices shared with manufacturers.
  2. Google has special hardware optimized for their state of the art machine learning Open Source software TensorFlow. The hardware is measured in TSU (TensorFlow units) which claimed to be more powerful than GPUs. One can rent the hardware from the Cloud machine learning lab. Same prices as Amazon. The software comes with: 
    • Natural Language parser
    • Computer vision API
    • Speech, language, translation API
  3. Google Assistant: The next step for Google—conversational, recognizes images, and is context aware.
  4. Google Home is coming out. Getting answers, streaming music, taking care of the task. Custom colors, small device, no buttons. Google Assistant embedded.
  5. There are 2 cool apps are coming to Android/iOS phones:
    • Allo: This is a multi-user chat with Google Assistant which can keep conversational context. This AI participant of any talks shows useful context and takes actions on reservations, etc.
    • Duo: This one will allow the receiver of the call to see the caller before answering. The sell pitch, you can see the emotions and get in the moment with the other person. Do watch the clip.
  6. Google comes out with its own answer to Crashlytics. Free and unlimited Firebase Analytics, which will give iOS and Android developers alike.
    • Audiences
    • Experiments
    • Re-engagement
    • Cloud messaging
    • Targeted notifications
    • Crash reports
    • Remote configs
    • Dynamic links
  7. Chrome: Extensions to allow a subset of native capabilities with plugins—progressive web apps.
  8. AMP is the future for mobile first pages.
  9. Android N and tooling are awesome
    • JIT compiler Jack
      • 75% faster install
      • 50% less space
    • Security
      • File based encryption
      • Google Play’s safety Net
      • Directory access granularity
    • Java 8: lambdas,  streams, etc.
    • C++ support
    • Multi-window/Multiple tasks/split screen
    • Multi-locale
    • Graphics capabilities
    • VR capabilities
    • Studio
      • Test Recording
      • Instant run
      • Cloud test lab
      • Layout designer (like the one XCode has)

If this got you excited, go and watch the session recordings. And don't forget to register to the Google I/O 2017 Extended near you.            

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