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Google Jamboard- Summary From Google Tech Talk

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Google Jamboard- Summary From Google Tech Talk

Google's new Jamboard, a smart whiteboard system, lets people in different places connect and so much more with its cloud-based touchscreen collaboration.

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Early last week, I went to Google Tech Talk, where Google have presented a talk and demo of their new product, Google Jamboard. The Jamboard and the talk were simply awesome so I thought to share my experience. Apart from the talk, I got the opportunity to experience the device and exclusive interaction with the engineering team and co-founder of Jamboard, and it was just "wow."

The Jamboard is an extended version of a whiteboard, and I can say a smart whiteboard. It frees you up from hassles of having limited space on the board, wanting to leave the meeting content on board and writing "don't erase," putting the camera over the board to share it with team members in different locations, and much more.

The Jamboard is a 55-inch, 4K touch-screen digital whiteboard. This is for Google and enterprise customers. The Jamboard is a whiteboard which gives you the power of collaboration in the workplace. The Jamboard touch-screen has 16 simultaneous touch points, which supports handwriting and shape recognition. It has a built-in powerful camera, speakers, and microphones. It provides WiFi and Ethernet connections to connect with the world. There are two included fine-tip passive styluses, along with an eraser which is meant for user interaction on the Jamboard.

It's a cloud-based, pure real time device which has artificial intelligence to an extent. Every activity on the Jamboard is saved over the cloud. The Jamboard is good for any kind of data, including documents, spreadsheets, images, et cetera.

The purpose of this device is to provide the multi-user collaboration, putting their thoughts on this digital Jamboard, which will then be available anytime, anywhere. After you log in to the device, it opens a jam (session) which can be used across the team using the custom application from their tablets/mobiles for their collaboration.

I have experienced wiping some content from the Jamboard using my finger, and it was the same as wiping chalk from a blackboard. I did my handwriting using the stylus and it got converted to proper letter-case; it took couple of pictures and it was pretty bright and clear. We can drag, resize, and much more on Jamboard. Web search, Google Maps, and anything which you can think for your collaboration is right there on Jamboard.

As a whiteboard lover, I liked it the most and you will, too.

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