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Google May be Moving Android from Dalvik to ART

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Google May be Moving Android from Dalvik to ART

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Android apps currently run in Dalvik, but some are suggesting that in the near future, Google may replace Dalvik with a new runtime it has been working on for some time called Android Runtime (ART).

According to Dan Rowinski at Readwrite, ART's use of an AOT (ahead of time) rather than a JIT (just in time) compiler has the potential to make huge performance improvements for Android apps, bumping up smoothness of animations, general responsiveness, and battery life, among other things.

It's not clear when such a switch might happen, but Readwrite suggests that Google's preview of ART in KitKat, as well as their introduction on the Android Developer site, imply that a change may be coming.

Anybody interested in trying out the preview should keep in mind that it is experimental and may be somewhat volatile at this point, and for more details, check out Android Police's overview of the new runtime.

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