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Google Opens the Eyes of Developers with Release of Cloud Vision API

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Google Opens the Eyes of Developers with Release of Cloud Vision API

Google recently debuted a beta version of the Cloud Vision API. This offers developers access to Google's Google Photos technology. Check out the neat features, like text and face detection, and learn more about this big announcement!

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Recently, Google released a beta version of the Cloud Vision API. The API gives developers access to the same technology that's the core of one of Google's main products, Google Photos. With the release of the API, developers now have a tool to make applications aware of the content of an image by leveraging their progress in machine learning and neural networks.


Image titleThe API can recognize many types of information in objects across different categories:

  • Text Detection
    Labels, logos, support for a broad set of languages automatic.

  • Face Detection
    While not facial recognition, this feature allows for sentiment recognition: the likely emotional state represented within the image.

  • Explicit Content Screening
    Google SafeSearch as applied to visual detection.

  • Landmark Detection
    Popular man-made and natural places.


  1. The Google Cloud Vision GitHub Repo

  2. Cloud Vision API Documentation

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