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Google Releases Angular 2 Beta

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Google Releases Angular 2 Beta

A new version of the popular AngularJS framework is here, boasting faster performance compared to Angular 1 with a focus on creating large applications across platforms.

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Earlier today, Google announced the release of the Angular 2 beta, believing that Angular 2 is in a place that allows developers to use the framework to create large applications entirely using the software for mobile, web, and desktop applications. The beta has been put through the ringer in several Google products, including Adwords, and Google Fiber now runs with an Angular 2 codebase. Companies like Telerik and Ionic have also participated in the release.

In addition to improved browser support and platform performance, Angular 2 boasts improved load times over Angular 1 thanks to server-side pre-rendering, offline compiling, and fast change detection and view caching for smooth scrolling and fast transitions.

The company has stated in the past that the architecture of Angular 1 has been pushed as far as it can go, and that:

“Angular 2 expands scope to include a full platform capable of multiple languages, templating syntaxes, and renderers providing for a cross-platform development environment with ability to expand to other scenarios.”

While the beta has only just been released, Google already has a plan to improve Angular 2 further. These action items include:

  • Reducing Angular 2's binary size for even more speed improvements.

  • Improving CLI functionality across the entire development process.

  • Creating a new API for the Component Router, with a focus on making it developer-friendly.

  • Providing more documentation for EcmaScript.

  • An architectural style guide

Google is not yet killing Angular 1, but will be focusing efforts on Angular 2 going forward. At AngularConnect 2015 in November, Google outlined a comparison of Angular 2 to 1 on their blog, which you can check out here. 

You can read the full announcement on the AngularJS blog. 

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