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Google Releases JavaScript Tools

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Google Releases JavaScript Tools

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It can be frustrating to write complex JavaScript programs when they don't work the same way on different browsers.  Google, who makes extensive use of JavaScript in programs like Gmail and Google Docs, understands the difficulties in writing, debugging, and optimizing sizable JavaScript apps.  To make JavaScript programming easier, Google has released its set of Closure Tools for JavaScript.  These tools include:

Closure Compiler
The Closure compiler makes faster, more compact JavaScript by removing dead code and shortening functions.  For example, "DisplayAdress()" can be changed to "a()".  It also warns you about common JavaScript pitfalls when it checks syntax, types, and variable references.  The compiler comes with Closure Inspector as an extension for Firefox's Firebug.  There is also a Google Page Speed extension that shows how much the compiler helps web page performance.  Google plans to make the Closure Compiler available as a separate web application from its Google App Engine.

Closure Library
The Closure Library is a cross-browser JavaScript library that is server-agnostic.  It has a large set of well-tested, prebuilt JavaScript code that enables sophisticated technologies like arrays and string manipulation.  The Closure Templates are another set of prewritten code that allows easier creation of JavaScript and HTML UIs.  The templates have simple syntax and smaller components for designing more customized UIs.  

The Google Web Toolkit ( GWT) has some similarities with Closure Tools.  They both produce faster JavaScript and help with cross-browser compatibility.  GWT is different because developers write the code in Java and then it is translated into JavaScript.

Open source developer tools have become the norm because they encourage more participation and creativity.  The software made using open source programming tools can make a commercial platform more profitable.  Google benefits from its popular web apps because it drives more people to the web, and that means more people will use their search engine.  

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