Google's Brillo and Weave May Deliver the Smarthome of Your Dreams

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Google's Brillo and Weave May Deliver the Smarthome of Your Dreams

Google announced Brillo and Weave at the 2015 I/O Conference. This Mobile and Internet of Things platform will be used to create the smart homes of the future.

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Yesterday during the Keynote speech of Google's I/O Conference, Sundar Pichai, Google's senior VP, announced that it was throwing its hat into the ring of IoT smarthomes. By Q3 of this year, Google's Brillo will be released for developers with Weave to follow in Q4.

Google wants to connect everything in your life, part of a theme that was present throughout the talks of I/O's first day: Using Google to make your life easier and make your devices smarter. Their first step towards reaching this goal is what Google calls "Project Brillo," the "underlying operating system for the Internet of Things." Google coined Brillo as such because it is derived from Android, but it's been scrubbed of much of the UI and leaving the bare essentials so that it can run on numerous devices with a "minimal footprint" and "minimal system requirements."

"For me what's exciting is when you take a traditional device, like a watch, and you add computing, and connectivity, and a layer of intelligence to it, you end up transforming that experience," Pichai said. "Wouldn't it be great if you could do that for more devices?"

Pichai was ambiguous about what exactly Weave is, saying little more than that it was central to communication between devices. Wired speculates that not only with Weave allow communication between your phone and, say, your oven, but also between your oven and your smart doors in the cloud.

Well, maybe not actually talk to each other, but Weave's developer APIs will act cross-platform, so any connected device will be able to work together to create a more enhanced at home experience. Guess we'll have to wait and see until September.

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