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Got ugly ant scripts? We want you!

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Got ugly ant scripts? We want you!

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My friend Jesse is working on big time enhancements to NetBeans project infrastructure - basically a thing that will just read your Ant script, figure out the classpath and everything else it does and just work. No intervention or configuration required.

To test it and make sure it's ready for the real world, we need to find the most butt-ugly, incomprehensible, random and weird build processes on earth. Things that generate some code, compile it, move it to random locations, build twenty JARs with varying combinations of classes, etc. Things like that. Things no sane person would do but the kind of thing that evolves in plenty of projects over time.

We need to find the most pathological projects on earth, to use as test cases to make sure this stuff is as bulletproof as possible. Any suggestions?



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