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GParalelizer 0.8 released

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GParallelizer, the opensource concurrency and actor library for Groovy, has reached its 0.8 release today. Besides further maturing the actor support and the collection concurrency, you can now find an inspiring Dataflow Concurrency DSL bundled with GParallelizer. Check out the details on Dataflow Concurrency on the project wiki.

To list a few of the new features, here's the top 5 items from the release notes:

  • Added DataFlow concurrency support
  • Enabled asynchronous collection processing through meta-class enhancements
  • Added sendAndWait() methods to actors to block the caller until a reply arrives
  • Ability to join actors to await their termination
  • Added special-purpose actors, the DynamicDispatchActor and the ReactiveActor, to allow for an alternative message handling syntaxes

Check out GParallelizer today and don't forget to experiment with all the samples.
To get a feel for what actors can do for you, have a look at the sample actor solutions to several common concurrency issues, like The Dining Philosophers or The Sleeping Barber.

Thank everyone for the feedback I've [Václav] received. Since it is the comments and suggestions I hear from the community that drives my development further, please, keep on commenting.


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