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Grails Goodness: Generate Default .gitignore Or .hgignore File

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Grails Goodness: Generate Default .gitignore Or .hgignore File

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We can use the integrateWith command with Grails to generate for example IDE project files and build system files. We specify via an extra argument the type of files to be generated. We can use this command also to create a .gitignore file with some default settings for files to be ignored in Grails projects.

$ grails integrate-with --git

In the root of our project we have now have a .gitignore file with the following contents:


If we would use Mercurial then we can generate a .hgignore file with the argument --hg:

$ grails integrate-with --hg

The .hgignore file has the following contents:

syntax: glob

Samples written with Grails 2.3.7.

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