#GraphCast: Euler's Formula (A Graph Theory Proof) [Video]

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#GraphCast: Euler's Formula (A Graph Theory Proof) [Video]

Graph theory is a cornerstone of any graph database. Look at a well-known theory that any graph theorist should know about.

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Welcome to this week's #GraphCast - our fortnightly series featuring what you might have missed in AV media within the wider the world of graphs.

Last #GraphCast, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, stole the video I was going to pick and presented the absolutely amazing Graph Algorithms & Game of Thrones walkthrough video (presented by Amy Hodler and Jennifer Reif), captured at last year's GraphTour San Francisco.

This week — as holiday gift to all of you graph theory nerds out there (including me) — I've picked a non-Neo4j and even non-graph database video to highlight in just a small way the incredible math that underlies all graph technology.

(If you're maybe more normal and don't love obscure math videos, don't worry; we'll return with plenty of other higher-level Neo4j and graph tech videos in the new year.)

Enjoy this graph theory proof of Euler's formula, explained by intrepid math YouTuber, 3Blue1Brown:

In this video, 3Blue1Brown gives a description of planar graph duality and how it can be applied to a proof of Euler's Characteristic Formula. I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain at how graph theory — the math that powers graph technology — looks at the world through an entirely different lens that solves problems in new and meaningful ways.

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