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The great advantage of contemporary onboarding

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The great advantage of contemporary onboarding

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We all agree that an onboarding program is important. A study conducted by “Aberdeen Group” in the matter provides facts stressing the need and values of an onboarding program:

·  Drastic increases in employee retention and worker productivity levels can be traced back to effective onboarding.

·  New employees who participate in onboarding achieve ideal levels of productivity quicker in their new positions.

·  86% concur new hires make their decision to stay at the company within the first six months on the job

Most programs are based on traditional training, blended with e-learning at the most. Whereas the onboarding process itself is mainly a social and a socialization one, the programs tend to suffer from most disadvantages accosted with formal training methods.

In a business environment that realizes, today more than ever, the place and value of informal and social interactions an onboarding program based on social learning and gaming could deliver the expected business impact with a much more suitable user experience.


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