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Great Ideas to Motivate Your Work Force

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Great Ideas to Motivate Your Work Force

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Do your employees need some motivation? Are you finding production levels are decreasing and absences are plaguing your organisation? If so we have some amazing ideas that will help inject your company with some much needed positivity. As a result you’ll end up with a motivated work force that arrives at work each day ready to work and to work hard.

Empowering the Idea Makers

Your employees will have great ideas and as a CEO it’s a mistake not to listen to them. If you find an employee has a genius idea you need to fire them. That sounds dramatic, but wait, you don’t fire them from the organisation, you pull them out of their current role and make the ‘CEO’ if their idea. They take control of running the idea; it could be a new department or a new service. Empower the employee and liven up the entire organisation, it’s an excellent way to grow.

Find the Fun in Business

Allowing fun in the workplace is a brilliant way of getting everyone to know each other better. Embrace personalities, loosen up and introduce some fun by starting days such as wear your PJ’s to work day or dress like the 1970’s day. It livens up the office and gets everyone feeling happy to come into work.  The ideas may not be practical and you will need to put some limits on the ideas to ensure you don’t cause health and safety risks but you have plenty of scope available to you.

Hand Over the Company to the Employees

The Employee Stock Ownership Program is a fantastic idea. If your employees have ownership of your company in the form of stock they are going to care about it so much more. If they work hard as a team and ensure the company thrives they could retire on a fantastic financial nest egg that they can cash in when they leave.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Rest

You may think napping is not conductive to hard work but you’re wrong. Tired and worn out employees are not going to be working at their best. Create a quiet room where employees can go and catch 15 minutes of rest. The employee will come up feeling recharged and rested, they’ll be far more creative and the work they do will be far more productive.

Become a Mentor

You can be the perfect inspiration for each and every one of your team. Be a mentor and help push their careers on in the right direction. Focus on teaching them to have a healthy work/life balance and encourage them to think outside of their role. Give them the opportunity to take their job and carve out a fantastic career that will leave them fulfilled.

Hand Out the Awards

You must recognise hard work and let each person know the work they’ve done has been recognised and is appreciated. Hold annual awards, make it fun but ensure the awards are given for genuine effort and success. Pick some unique awards that are created for your organisation from designers with over 30 years experience .

The author is a writer and blogger and successful business owner. He uses his 15 years’ experience as an employer to provide coaching and support to fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. You can find his articles on and offline as his work has been published in printed publications and on websites and blogs.



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