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Griffon 0.2 released

The Griffon team is happy to announce the release of Griffon 0.2. Griffon is a Grails like framework for writing RIAs on the JVM using Groovy.  For a list of features added in 0.2 see the Griffon 0.2 Release Notes http://griffon.codehaus.org/Griffon+0.2.

The Notable Major Features are:

  • Addon support, a runtime analog to plugins [http://griffon.codehaus.org/addons]
  • Enhancements to the packaging script to align Griffon with multiple packaging results (applet, webstart, installer, jar, etc.).
  • More evolution in MVCGroups, including support for arbitrary portion names and auto-injection of properties. 
  • Runtime enhancements relating to Event publishing, bootstrap code, and the most recent version of Groovy.

A list of bugs fixed in this release is at http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GRIFFON/fixforversion/14794 .

The release notes [http://griffon.codehaus.org/Griffon+0.2] page contains links to sample applications. You can download the Griffon distribution at the downloads page [http://griffon.codehaus.org/Download]

Thanks to all those who contributed to this release!

--The Griffon Team
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