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Griffon Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0

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Griffon Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0

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If you're using Griffon, the Groovy-oriented Swing application framework, please feel free to try out the updated NetBeans plugin for Griffon, updated to 7.0:


Here's the evidence (click to enlarge it), Griffon running in NetBeans IDE 7.0, showing the weather today here in Amsterdam, as well as the applicability of Matisse to Griffon projects:

The above is one of the sample apps that comes with the Griffon distro, i.e., the sample is not part of the NetBeans plugin. Yet, when you install the Griffon plugin into NetBeans IDE, choose "Open Project", and browse to the Griffon samples in the Griffon distro, you'll see that the IDE automatically recognizes the Griffon samples as projects that can be opened in the IDE:

So, you're able to open the samples from the Griffon distro, without needing to do anything special (i.e., no importing, simply opening) and no special NetBeans files are added to the source structure of your Griffon application. And that's all because of "convention over configuration", which is one of Griffon's unique features, but which also happens to be very nice when you're creating tools for this framework, since tool providers know up front exactly where all the Griffon folders and files are found.

There are many features that the Griffon plugin provides, exactly as before. One of the nice ones is the Plugin Importer:

In summary, please try out the update to NetBeans IDE 7.0 of this plugin and leave your comments in the plugin page:


The plugin is open sourced here and you're more than welcome to add any features you like to it:




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