Groovy 1.7.8 released

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Groovy 1.7.8 released

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The Groovy development team is pleased to announce the release of Groovy 1.7.8, the latest release (stable branch 1.7.x) of the popular dynamic language for the JVM.

A bad regression for 1.7.7 was found so the team decided to make a release for the 1.7 line as soon as they had confirmation that the bug does no longer exist.

The number of issues fixed in this version is very small, but for some very important. There was the bug of a String being incorrectly handled during array conversion (GROOVY-4669), which caused some people problems. But the big bug is actually GROOVY-4678, which caused Groovy to generated for each method call a new call site class at runtime, rapidly decreasing available permgen space. This bug caused in the best case some performance problems and with a misbehaving garbage collector permgen shortage errors.

The last bug fixed in that release is GROOVY-4626. Some changes in an earlier version caused an dependency on ivy for the Groovy console, which now is now optional.

JIRA release notes:


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