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Groovy Goodness Notebook Updated with New Groovy 2.2 Features

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Groovy Goodness Notebook Updated with New Groovy 2.2 Features

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Groovy Goodness Notebook was released in June 2013. Now I have updated the book with extra subjects, which were published on this blog. The updated book now includes the following new subjects, including new Groovy 2.2 features:

  • Check if a String Only Contains Whitespaces
  • Remove Part of String With Regular Expression Pattern
  • Replace Characters in a String with CollectReplacements
  • Cache Methods Invocations with Memoize Annotation
  • Choose Which Delegated Methods to Use
  • Create CopyWith Method with Immutable Annotation 
  • Create New Date or Calendar from Existing and Set Property Value
  • Loop Through Date and Calendar Ranges
  • Enhancements for Iterable Implementations
  • Implicit Closure Coercion
  • Running Scripts from a JAR Archive
  • Set Delegating Class for Script
  • Set Script Class with BaseScript Annotation

According to Leanpub the updates to the book should be free for those that already purchased the book. Enjoy reading.

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