Groovy Goodness: Truncate And Round BigDecimal Values

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Groovy Goodness: Truncate And Round BigDecimal Values

In Groovy 2.5.0, the round and truncate methods are added to the BigDecimal class. Here is how to use them!

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Groovy 2.5.0 adds the round and truncate methods to the BigDecimal class, which were already available on the Double and Float classes. These methods can take an argument to denote the number of decimals the rounding or truncating must be applied to.

In the following example, we see the methods with and without arguments:

def bigDecimal = 42.576135

// Groovy uses BigDecimal for decimal
// numbers by default.
assert bigDecimal.class.name == 'java.math.BigDecimal'

assert bigDecimal.round() == 43
assert bigDecimal.round(2) == 42.58

assert bigDecimal.trunc() == 42
assert bigDecimal.trunc(2) == 42.57

Written with Groovy 2.5.0.

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