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Groovy Goodness — Unmodifiable Collections [Snippet]

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Groovy Goodness — Unmodifiable Collections [Snippet]

Here is a new way to make your collections immutable. Read on for details and an example!

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When we wanted to create collections in Groovy that were unmodifiable, we could use asImmutable. Since Groovy 2.5.0, we can also use the asUnmodifiable method on collections. The method can be applied to all Collection types, including Map.

In the following example, we use asUnmodifiable on a List and Map:

import static groovy.test.GroovyAssert.shouldFail

// Create List that is unmodifiable.
def list = ['Groovy', 'Gradle', 'Asciidoctor', 'Micronaut'].asUnmodifiable()

shouldFail(UnsupportedOperationException) {
    // We cannot add new items.
    list << 'Java'

    // We cannot change items.
    list[0] = 'Java'

// Create Map that is unmodifiable.
def data = [name: 'Messages from mrhaki', subject: 'Gr8 stuff'].asUnmodifiable()

shouldFail(UnsupportedOperationException) {
    // We cannot add a new key.
    data.subject = 'Dev subjects'

    // We cannot change the value of a key.
    data.blog = true

Written with Groovy 2.5.0.

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