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Groovy, Grails & SpringSource - Initial Thoughts

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Groovy, Grails & SpringSource - Initial Thoughts

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SpringSource today announced that it has purchased G2One, the folks who have been driving the development of Groovy and Grails. The following are my _initial_ thoughts, in no specific order, and perhaps of even less coherence.

  • This is awesome, it will help Groovy & Grails (GG) get into the enterprise. This will go a long way to ease adoption of dynamic languages for large corporations.
  • Worried that the SpringSource people will screw something up and my investment in learning GG will be for naught
  • Hoping that the SpringSource people will use their money and influence to *really* push the GG platform development. When I say "really" I mean: Grails 2.0 out in 6 months with a plehtora of improvements in speed, integration, and features in an even cleaner programming mode. And Groovy 2.0 out with the anticipated performance gains and then some, along with solidification of the platform.
  • Worried that Spring will become too entrenched in Grails such that other technologies would be difficult to integrate.
  • Hoping that my projects can continue to use both without worrying about license changes in the future. We signed up for the ride when it was liberally licensed (APL). Don't change it on us. Like most companies, we'll be happy to buy support, just don't violate the spirit of open-source that defines our arrangement today
  • Hoping that they do not sellout to "THE MAN" and go public or some nonsense like that. Why can't you build a company, develop and sell great projects, treat your customers and even free-loaders (open source leeches) with respect? Keep your employees happy, keep community happy, and still make tons of money. There's no need to be as big as Google or IBM. 
Let me finish by saying that I expect my above concerns will be addressed. I know some of the great people at SpringSource and I know they will do the right thing. More than anyone, they know that open-source starts and ends with community.

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