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Groovy Submitted to Apache Software Foundation

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Today the Groovy programming language was officially submitted to the Apache Software Foundation. This event was the culmination of several major shifts in industry support for the language, including the end of Pivotal sponsorship for the language, the shuttering of Codehaus, and Guillaume Laforge’s retirement as the project manager for Groovy and subsequent move to Restlet (edit: see Guillaume's comment below for clarification).

While some in the community may be worried about such major shifts in the leadership and sponsorship of the language, the move to Apache was a smart decision made by community leaders, given the foundation's 15 year track record of proven reliability for managing and strengthening open source projects.

The Groovy programming language has flourished for over a decade and has been in good hands for several years with a diverse group of significant code committers. In Cédric Champeau's extensive blog post, he points out the fact that Groovy hasn't been driven by only one or two committers for many years. It has a large number of strong community developers supporting it, which is why it has continued its growth year over year, and why it will probably weather this shift in support.

Seriously though, go read Cédric's blog post right now.  It's an amazing timeline odyssey of how far the language has come since it's creation in 2003.

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