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Groovy++ is statically typed extension of Groovy programming language. Additionally to all goodies of standard Groovy it adds a lot of functionality
  • compile time checking of code
  • as fast as Java performance of compiled code
  • easy mixing of statically and dynamically typed code
  • very powerful type inference
  • tail recursion
  • traits (interfaces with default implementation)
  • extension methods (compile time categories)
  • standard library of utilities for functional programming, concurrency and distributed computing (early prototype stage)

Read more in our documentation about What is Groovy++

In order to define future directions of Groovy++ we recently run short survey. The results of it were very interesting but not representative enough.

We will appreciate help of everyone who will take one minute to complete newer version of the survey.

Next week we will publish here results of the survey and our analisys and plans.

Thank you in advance and till next time.


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