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Groovy tutorial at ApacheCon US 2008 (New Orleans)

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Groovy tutorial at ApacheCon US 2008 (New Orleans)

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Paul king writes on the Groovy user list that he will be giving a Groovy tutorial at ApacheCon US 2008, seems like the schedule is not final yet, so if you are interested in learning more about Groovy from the experts (Paul king is co-author of the best seller Groovy in Action, also DZone ran an interview with him a few months ago) and plan to attend to the event, please consider registering for the tutorial. Here is Paul's message:

 Hi everyone,

I am giving a tutorial (hopefully once, maybe twice depending on numbers)
and a talk at ApacheCon US in New Orleans in a few weeks. Anyone who is
planning on attending and interested in the tutorial, please visit their
web site and sign up as they are going to be making decisions soon about
which tutorials have sufficient numbers to carry forward with. At this
stage I am told the numbers are tight for the Groovy tutorial.

The web site is here:


Also, let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to
see covered. There is still a little bit of scope to adjust the topics.

In addition, I am hoping to see if I can foster greater understanding
of Groovy with some of the Apache folk. Off the top of my head I can
think of numerous reasons why there is synergy between the two communities.
I have attached some reasons as bullet points below but I would greatly
appreciate any corrections or additions or other thoughts?

Thanks, Paul.


Off the top of my head I can think of the things below. Any corrections
or additions?

* Groovy has for a couple of years bundled AntBuilder which gives a
 non-XML alternative to using Ant (and indirectly to maven via
 the Ant-Maven tasks). Gant builds upon this.

* Groovy bundles a Groovyc and Groovy Ant task to allow Ant users to
 access Groovy - but you can also use BSF and JSR-223 scripting.

* Groovy's metaprogramming let's you mixin utility classes (including
 most of the Jakarta libraries)

* Groovy from 1.6 (due out soon) bundles IVY 2.0 (due soon) as its
 module management integration vehicle

* GMaven and Graven allow Maven users to leverage the scripting world

* GroovyWS wraps Apache CXF

* Gradle offers an interesting alternative to Ant and Maven while allowing
 you to leverage both technologies and it uses Ivy as its prime
 vehicle for dependency management (with some support for Maven too
 I believe)

* You can run Grails on Geronimo and Derby if you wish

* I believe Groovy support is bundled with Apache Camel, Apache
 ServiceMix, Roller, and maybe Hivemind, Synapse, Tuscany and Wicket

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