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Growing Revenue for Desktop Java

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Growing Revenue for Desktop Java

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I was reading Jonathan Schwartz’s latest blog entry about JavaFX reaching 100 000 000 downloads. That’s really impressive, but what I liked even more about the article are some remarks about client side Java:

“First, freely distributed, open source software will continue to create enormous revenue opportunities for those that understand the underlying business model - as an example, the Java business for Sun, last quarter, delivered more than $67m in billings, up nearly 50% year over year. On an annualized basis, that means the Java client business (as distinct from the Java server business) is now a multi-hundred million dollar business, opening doors for Sun, and the Java community, across the planet. All built on freely available runtimes and source code. Free as in beer, free as in speech, and free as in market. ” (Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog)

That’s really fantastic news and it really matches my impressions about the adoption of Java on the desktop here in my small world. The number of companies building their desktop applications with Java is really growing here in Germany. Recently I’ve been talking to a publisher about his experience, and he said they see a growing demand especially for books about RCP Platforms. Sold books on a subject are a good indicator for where the market is going…  and our local JUG has become some kind of a job market over the last weeks: "all the poor former Sun and IBM employees", you might think! But the opposite is true: companies are sending their job offerings, looking for Java developers by the dozen. It’s really amazing to see all this happening despite the financial crisis… Looks to me like Java (on desktop & Server) is stronger than ever.

From http://eppleton.sharedhost.de/blog/?p=470

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