Growth Intelligence 2.0 for Mobile, Web and Native Applications

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Growth Intelligence 2.0 for Mobile, Web and Native Applications

Unified view across all channels enables holistic understanding of user behavior.

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Pyze, the first intelligence and marketing platform enabling mobile and web app publishers to organically grow users by automating and personalizing, engagement and conversion, today released Pyze Growth Intelligence 2.0. The new platform now includes support for web, SaaS, and native apps, in addition to existing support for mobile apps.

While mobile channels constituted over $1 billion in 2016 Black Friday retail sales, Web channels still constituted more than double this amount in revenue. Pyze launched with a mobile-first strategy and is currently processing over one billion events per day. With the addition of Web and native applications, Pyze seeks to dramatically increase growth.

First launched in March 2016, the Pyze Growth Intelligence platform aims to level the drastically uneven playing field in today’s app market by giving startups, mid-market companies and the Fortune 1,000 app publishers access to the sophisticated, intelligence-based tools they need to compete with the select few giants dominating the industry.

New Features of Pyze Growth Intelligence 2.0

  • Unified view across all channels provides real-time visibility into millions of users’ behavior, enabling app developers to quickly act upon trends, patterns, and anomalies and interact with the right users at the right time on the most effective channel.
  • Adds support for email and SMS and MMS campaigns to the existing support for push, interactive push, and in-app messaging campaigns.
  • Streamlines integration of multichannel marketing campaigns, allowing app developers to better coordinate personalized engagement and experiences.
  • Powerful new Developer Center to accelerate deployments, define and test engagement campaigns, and implement personalization.
  • Includes support for tracking Apple iMessage pps and chatbots

Availability and Pricing

  • Support for mobile, web, SaaS and native apps is included in the Growth Tier, which is free of charge for app publishers with up to one million monthly active users (MAU).
  • Unified visibility across web and mobile is included in the Hypergrowth Tier, which is $99 per month for up to one million MAU.
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