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Guide To Know Which PHP Frameworks Are Apt For Developing Web 2.0 Applications?

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Guide To Know Which PHP Frameworks Are Apt For Developing Web 2.0 Applications?

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PHP Framework Development

In comparison to others PHP is world’s most sought-after scripting language for extensibility, ease-of-use, scalability that it offers. There are other plethora of veritable reasons for adopting PHP frameworks, out of which the foremost reason is that it functions as a booster for developmental processes. Plus, PHP frameworks proffers default built-in modules that supports in implementing monotonous coding tasks. In other words, PHP frameworks facilitates in promoting rapid application development (RAD), which saves a great deal of time, helping developers construct more stabilized applications, and decreases the amount of reiterative coding for developers.

Also, these days contriving agile application has become much effortless because there are different PHP frameworks available that can facilitate users develop flawless applications for business. So, pick out the most optimal PHP frameworks suitable for developing Web 2.0 applications by comparing features. Such, PHP frameworks that are used in building agile software facilitates long term retainment and reliableness.

Some PHP Frameworks Apt For Developing Web 2.0 Applications Are:

Symfony Framework

Symfony is a PHP web application framework used to improve the functionalities of MVC applications. The integration of Symfony fosters in rapid development of web solutions from elementary to intricate. Symfony, as a framework can be utilized to enhance development without fiddling with the up-to-the-minute extensions. In the Symphony Framework the functionality and architecture of the web application is not at all implied, it possess several tools that can automate and lessen the variegated assignments of Model View Controller (MVC) and Object Relational Mapper (ORM) .

Features of Symfony

•   Excellent for plethoric programming
•   Automated filtering and classification
•   Search engine friendly routing
•   Integrated API and e-mail
•   Compatible with Windows, OS, Linux, Mac and UNIX
•   Reduces server load and bandwidth usage with cache management
•   User security management offers documentation and verification
•   Log-in feature retrieves complete information

PHP-MVC Framework

The model view controller is a pattern of software architecture that supports in controlling different application interaction with the users. It has two versions basic and advanced which features additive twig support and automatic SASS is compiling in clean PHP. It caters bare- bone arrangement and users doesn’t have to study the framework because it utilizes the native PHP code which permits users to get started right away.

Features of PHP-MVC  

•   Self explanatory structure
•   Presents alternative composer integration
•   Possesses profound URLs
•   Encourages developers to adhere to PSR ½ guidelines.
•   Bolsters the utilization of PFO

Yii Framework

Yii is particularly designed to work efficiently with AJAX. Yii 2.0.0 features robust caching support and it delivers a high skillfulness PHP framework. These attributes are ideal to be used to develop Web 2.0 applications. With Yii framework, the developers can generate base PHP code and personalize the code in such a manner that it suits your needs appropriately. Moreover, it pursues the MVC pattern aiding users develop orderly & reusable code. The security of Yii is extremely vital which counts validation of input, preventing cross site scripting and output filtering.

Features of Yii

•   Loads features quicker compare to any other PHP framework.
•   Enables you develop a database
•   Bespoke PHP code that meets with your requirement.
•   Proffers authentication and excellent form input.

Codelgniter Framework

Codelgniter is a popular PHP framework that has persuasive footprint. This PHP Framework comes with an exquisite tool kit that facilitates you build full-featured applications rapidly. They are useful to share hosting accounts and provides an all-inclusive library with forums, user guide to support and video tutorials. It possesses a set of libraries which will assist you to perform some average tasks with ease. Its cogent structure along with a simple interface will help you to access these libraries straight off.

Features of Codelgniter

•   Developers need not follow any code confining rules
•   Can be utilized directly without learning any other template language.
•   Offers understandable documentation and the apposite separation between the logic & presentation.
•   Offers distinguished performance and remarkable compatibility along with standard hosting.
CakePHP Framework

CakePHP permits users to contrive web applications faster using code generation features. With zero configuration, CakePHP is the perfect PHP framework for those who wishes to develop applications glibly. It enables you to make database smoothly with  two official sources of documentation. It has plenty of default tools such as CSRF  caching, validation, protection, SAL injection bar and much more.

Features of CakePHP

•   Simplicity, scalability and strong support system
•   No complicated configuration involved
•   Licensed under MIT
•   Available with a set of conventions to build applications
•   Develops software applications using scaffolding

Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 is excessively preferred for developing 2.0 web applications as it is uses object oriented code , offers considerable support and has active user base. It aids in creating rapid software applications along with upgraded flexibility. Developers can use libraries and to access the web service, one can load components based on your requisites. The components are dynamic to offer a extensible MVC implementation.
Features of Zend Framework 2

•   Easily extensible with modular base
•   Enables you to build block using another framework.
•   Enables you to load the component of single library instead of the whole framework

Therefore, decide to choose any of the PHP Framework right now and experience an improved and well defined web application process or hire a reputed web development company who can deliver potent PHP web application development solutions making use of those frameworks. 

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